Friday, July 12, 2013

Feeling pain on the left side, just below the ribs when i inhale/breath in

Hello, it hurts when i breath in, no i am not talking about love, maybe thats what i need right now, but i am not even sure i'll recognize it when it hit...because i am such kind of person...ignorant. i have been getting my joint pains all week, me being i, i endured the pain silently...okay with a bunch of complaints to the closest ear. But 2 days back i have started feeling pain on the left side below my rib-cage when i breath. Even today, though distant now. PS: i am leaving the hospital right now, given multivitamin(instead of vitamin B which seems to be unavailable) , ibuprofen for my pain(i am not going to drink this one!) and Tetmosol medicated soap( i have no idea why i have been given this, will google it later...i hope it reduces joint pain as i wont be taking medication for that.. (: ) Anyway, i am seeing the doctor tomorrow for left-side pain. After reading all about bursting gall bladders ,rotting pancreas andinfections that lead to death a few hours ago when researching about my pain, i am glad the nurse who helped me today was friendly, even told me my pancreas and gall bladder are on the right side not left pweh!! :) Home sweet home, health service in my hometown seems to be good, i hope it continues so tomorrow, i didn't wait long in lines, registration computerized, i even joined a raffle given to me by the Doctor who helped at the dispensery. I hope to win a phone so that i can buy another Sim card, maybe a chicken, which happens to be a second prize :D, third prize is 6-pack Soft drink, family will drink this since i dont (: All good :) Thank you Lord. Amen. and Goodnight xoxo!! ;) #Tetmosol medicated soap is for scabies and protect against infections. And yes, the Nurse scolded me against touching my dirty slippers as it collects a bunch diseases, maybe thats why he gave me this.

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