Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 is surely an interesting year...

Hello, its been a while, whats up in your life? Mine is chaotic as always. Right now my ankle joints are aching...Strike is back at Limkokwing University Botswana. A mass meeting is planned on friday for other universities and colleges in the country to join us in the fight for our human rights and students rights. 2013 is certainly an interesting year. With all the ups and downs i wonder if i will ever finish my degree, just 2 years to go now :( Hey, its very stressful with all the police tear-gas-ng us like we are a bunch of criminals while we are victims. I don't understand why the university management won't just give us our book allowance if its there. Talk about corruption in the so called "peaceful country in Africa!!" May good things happen to us soon, in Jesus's name, Lord i pray, Amen.

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