Saturday, March 2, 2013

My friend, Choose MONEY and POWER in this world.

So that you can just snap your fingers to get everything done. So that silence can fall in a room when you enter and all attention can fall on you. So that the world will part way for you, when you pass. Because you're that powerful. So that people can shower you with respect even if don't bloody deserve. So that people can shower you with praises at your funeral, even though you were the biggest jerk in the world. Yes, thats power, thats what you need to gain in these World. A lots of money, pull a bunch of strings, Share a plate with those at the top, fucking politicians, excuse my french..have connections, strong connections with those in the government, those in Power. I'll be powerful, even if a have to sell my soul to the devil. This is what i have decided: GAIN POWER, power beyond anything in this world. I will see all corrupt officials tremble and beg on knees, before me, before i leave this world. I'll kill without a blink, dispatch to hell all those who stand before my way, rottens souls! who call themselves our "Good leaders". I'l be neutral, both acidic and alkaline. I'll be a little avenging angel to the poor and the weak. Robin Hood, Hong Gil Dong. Yes, i'll have my own Empire. Even Amerika and North Korea will pale in my presence, and bow before me with their nuclear bombs and "Peace keeping" missions. God, this world is Dirty!! Argh! I'll personally clean it up, even when i am grey haired. Yes, i'll carry a bunch of sins before i leave this world, so much dirty blood on my hands. Goodness and Evilness co-exist in these world. Since i am at the centre, neutral, i'll tap into both. I'll never be too bad and too good. I'll be enigmatic...Powerful.Good.Bad. ~SIGNED: My paranoid mind.

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