Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Li kai bei shang(Leaving Sadness) by Van Fan #Lyrics

Hey there:) howzit?? This is the English lyrics of the song i am currently playing on REPEAT mode! Leaving sorrow behind, a song by Singer Van Fan from Taiwan, i touches me, from the first moment i met it :D My eyes put on a performance of your smile, My ears play a recording of your emotion, I'm lucky I have you, my memories begin to turn gentle, Those long-enduring wounds have found an exit. You take me away from sorrow Like moonlight in the dark night Those countless disappointments You've taught me to forgive them, When you lean against my shoulder, I learn to forget. Every river winds and bends for the ocean Every firework falls down for the sky Every time I look up at the thousands of windows It's like I'm seeing you, keeping watch over my weary self, You take me away from sorrow, You say there's sunshine here, That past that I couldn't let go of, You've given me the antidote. When you lean against my shoulder I see a cloudless sky Those tears that drowned my eyes, I finally understand, It was your hand that gave me strength. You take me away from sorrow, Sprinting towards a glorious place, Those countless disappointments, You've taught me to forgive them. You take me away from sorrow, Never to look back again, That past that I couldn't let go of, You've given me the antidote When the world was a barren wasteland You gave me hope back. #I came across this song years back while watching Taiwanese drama: Easy fortune Happy Life,, I instantly fell in love with it :) It was love at first sight, google it, download it and enjoy it. ;) xoxo!


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