Saturday, February 9, 2013

The 7 secrets of Leadership Success, Authors Deborah Tom, Major General Richard Barrons

Hello hello :), I am all about thinking positively today, i'll crash every negative thought that sneaks into my mind, burnish every pessimistic voice that whispers to me. Anyway, this is my current read, i bought this book sometime last year and never read a page :( too Sad. I find it hard to read non-fiction as compared to fiction :D I just began secret #1, generally the book is supposed to help you or enable you to: °Work SMARTER not HARDER. °Make the RIGHT DECISIONS, even UNDER PRESSURE. °BUILD a climate that is envied - with HIGH MORALE and COMMITTED Engagement. °DEVELOP able, SELFLESS LEADERS who are Trusted and Respected. °CREATE Agile, Effective and UNITED TEAMS. Have a lovely Saturday, and pretty please :) LEAVE A LINK to your website/blog ON THE COMMENTS. Thank you ;)

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