Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Limkokwing University Botswana classes boycott

I don't know if i should celebrate or not, you know everyone hates schooling even best students like me. Anyway i could use a rest and its about time we stand up for our rights, and see some changes in our lives. I don't understand why some people think that some people are idiots when they keep quite. That they can just take advantage, just like that and get away with it. Keeping silent doesn't mean i have nothing to say to you, I am just waiting for you to see your wrongness and correct yourself. There is so much microscopic corruption in these world, everywhere. If you're not aware, you will not see it. Some see and keep silent, and the culprits begin to think they have permission to take advantage. I hope Limkokwing management will give us, whats due us so we can go back to school. Some of us have degrees to finish, and dreams to fulfill whether we like school or not. I pray no one loses his/her sponsorship because of these class boycotts. Raise your voice, its time. A child that does not cry dies on a sling. (strapped on her mother's back) UPDATE: Second day, classes boycott still on, we're waiting for feedback from the government-our sponsor, something positive. So much rubbish in this issue, i hope it leads to a good, happy ending xoxo!! Currently no school until further notice. Zzzzzz..............!

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