Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Introduction to Java Programming; I hope to Hack you Website soon. More especially those who are "investing" in Africa.

Hello there :D, its one of those days. If you could see what i have written in Twitter @sparkling0708! A few minutes ago i went through my behaviour, one of those "Act before thinking" thingys. I was wondering whats wrong with me, all expressive of my "private thoughts" then bang! Its my PMS- Argh, it happens every month, Nature, i lack control over it and lose when going through it. Yes, its back to school for me, we started intro to Object Oriented programming today-Java intro. The saddest thing is not have a computer like me to practise, practise on, a drawback and i have to depend only on school computers. A very serious drawback for someone doing my course. P.S: If you have a laptop/Desktop to spare send it: P O BOX 10440 PALAPYE BOTSWANA Email: Some kind of donation/Charity, you know, Pretty Please :))))))! Oh God, i am a beggar!!

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