Thursday, January 24, 2013

WHY READING? Must read :D

When you learn, you keep on growing. #Talent alone is not enough. #Reading is education; education is empowering. #Reading is an escape. Especially to me, who wants to stick to reality? Anyone? Not me :D *hiding inside books* Bookworm!! #Reading is the chepeast way of broadening your mind. #Reading takes you to places you have never imagined. Oh, still me, the best reason why i love reading, i like that i can even travel through time, go to so many places and meet so many unique people. Through reading i have been in the presence of Kings & Queens, Dukes ,Crown princes, Prinny, Earls, Sheiks, peasants, Rouges and London's greatest lovers. I have been so many things in one life-time. #Reading improve our speech and confidence. "Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder." For me the most beautiful thing is my ability to read. Nothing furthers one's development like reading. Novels, newspapers, magazines, textbooks all inform, educate and entertain me like nothing else. By reading i grow. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful words! Then she ended by writing diagonally at the bottom: HAPPY DAYS ALWAYS, MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ;D Well, the wink & a naughty grin is from me, Crystal Onneng Have a great day.

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