Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"The one who waits for the moon, waits for darkness" -Tswana saying.

"Moleta ngwedi, o leta lefifi" Sometimes i wonder if these Tswana saying applies to me. Translated word by word: "The one who waits for the moon, waits for darkness" A friend of mine just told me he has feelings for me, and the answer from me is still a big "No". And he is not the first, countless have got the same answer. Am i destined to be counting stars while chances come, and pass. Just because i want, desire, long, dream and plan to marry Sheikh Hamdan from Dubai? Am i going to wake up someday with gray hair but no grandchildren to call my own? Just as one past suitor-who happens to be engaged now-warmed me yesterday? Oh, mysteries of life to come, they make my head ache sometimes :( Cheer up!! :D P.S. With love to Dubai.

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