Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taking RISK and ACTION in your life, I felt so devilish!

Hello, guess what? Today was registration at school, as you know; Queues and me = Enemies! All i can say is that i believe this is the best thing i have done in 2013 so far; that is skipping lines and squeezing myself infront of my friends who are up front! I felt so bad! So devilish, So successful, So triumphant, So...Oh the list is So long! :) I know what you might think, that it is bad. THIS is a PRINCIPLE of LIFE, learn it well and apply it to your life. Some might call it "Survival of the fittest" in this dog-eat-dog world. It about taking RISKS in your Life, taking ACTION, getting satisfaction- i certainly did! ;p at the end of the day because you are successful. Its about burnishing your conscience, risking being caught and being sent at the back of the line. Its about standing up for yourself and squeezing yourself in the front row, smiling & sharing a chair with a stranger...or in my case, sitting on a stranger's lap so that i can sit on my own chair, up front, when the line moves. Tell you what? Its a great feeling, you should try it someday soon. Its about pulling a serious face, when those you left behind sit down in one place and complain about "how you're cheating on them" by wising up and acting to fulfil your goals. That is the former me, i did exactly that in the past semesters. I will act a good girl waiting for my turn to come, while people get infront me and finish registering! Even worse, i'll complain lowly under my breath, sigh and wait; ending up finishing registering the next day. Underline the WORD LOWLY because that's how you will stay; LOW in life while line skippers succeed before you. Lesson well learned for me: its a marvelous feeling, Cheers :D Have a risk taking day ;p the results are very satisfying!!

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