Friday, January 18, 2013

Heavy rains and floods- National disaster warning

Hey, i just received this message: The public is advised to exercise caution due to heavy rains and the flooding that the country is experiencing. From National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) #Botswana I didn't realise it was raining that much, well this is kind of scary living in a village that flooded in 1995! And i am home alone , live next to a river, the same one that caused floods years back. What is my point? i have just started exercising a few days back because i want to be flexible(my dream...) and now my joints are killing me! Thank so much laziness!! Its a pain just to move my leg, do think i over-did it? I hope i am not stranded in floods with aching ankle joints. I weep with old people if this how-what they always feel :( it's pain. i don't even know how to swim! Anyway, rain is a blessing to my people. As long as it doesn't turn into a natural disaster. Years past, we will be out, kids dancing and jumping up and down under it. Aah...time...Those at farms will ululating and singing praises to our ancestors and God. Beautiful, but gone times. The circle of life, it all slowly, gradually fades away...till it is only a vague memory. I live in a country just like that, to watch my people grasping for, trying to save spilling milk. lost traditions...old ways. What can we say, times are changing, and they will continue to change, long after our skeletons lies somewhere underground. dust to dust. Okay, this is getting kind of creepy, taking a deep breathe...but it's all so sad! somehow. To watch loss, and feel helpless...not knowing what to do. Bottom line, it is still raining, its getting dark outside. ** If you don't know anything about my country- Botswana. Our currency is called "Pula" which means RAIN (1 Pula or P1 is equal to about $7-US dollar)and Our national motto is also "Pula!"

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