Friday, November 30, 2012

Watch korean dramas online

Hello, do you watch korean dramas? *I do too, infact i am a former kdrama addict. I miss watching korean dramas...with my PC dead, there is no how i can watch them since i always watched online. The last drama i was still watching before my computer betrayed me after being together for 4 long years, was Rooftop Prince korean drama.*I am way behind in feeding my k-drama addict! Aaah i miss them too much :( especially during holidays. If i could win thousands of dollars right now, the very first thing i will do is buy myself a Laptop and Samsung Galaxy Note phone, then pay my debts at the bottom. *If you love me add it in my Wishlist (: and ask for my Postal address, Suprise suprise! if only all fantasies came true... **Anyway, why talking korean dramas today, Hong Gil Dong just popped into my mind, it's one of my favourite drama, and i wouldn't mind watching it repeatedly. I feel like watching it right now, but its not be... LINKS: Where is used to watch (:,,,, and ofcourse


  1. I'm also a k-drama addict. Thanks for recommending these sites. I will check it out.


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