Wednesday, April 15, 2015

MTV Movie awards 2015 and Gospel

Listening to gospel music, trying to pick up my spirit. Baba Wethu by Benjamin Dube[Worship in his presence album], when you lead us lord...there is few temptations, you deliver us Lord. For thy is the kingdom, The power and the glory, forever and ever... Afterwards i am watching the awards and Zzzz...

HOW TO: Toon Boom Animate Pro Lip sync

I am brain tired today, lost my animation assignment because my stick had to be formatted. I am so so at drawing [currently teaching myself art-doodles ] so i recorded a video of myself saying what i wanted, opened it with VLC PLAYER and took so snapshots of different mouth forms or shapes. Afterwards i PHOTOSHOPED them into ONE FILE, arranging them ofcourse in order of how i want my animation to speak, then saved as .JPEG image. This i imported into TOON BOOM ANIMATE PRO 3 stage, and traced different lip shapes frame by frame. I drew the face too. Now i am left with adding sound tomorrow and tadah!! Finito! Drawbacks: I have Toon boom pro 2 installed on my laptop and the worst thing is that i can't open the newer version with old one :( to finish up my assignment at home at leisure. And my "dash" lecturer won't even share his, you have to buy it for yourself...dah! with what A-hole? Hello Africa..Any solutions guys?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wow i am back!

After long more than a year and i have no idea how i will last this time. A big thank you to all guys who popped in to my blog while i was away and those who left behind some comments. I appreciate it a lot. A lot has changed in my life a near death experience in 2013, deffered my studies, now i am back to skul. I am currently reading Jack Canfield's THE 25 PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS and hoping for a more brighter future.